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We produce advertising campaigns that resonate with your brand’s ambitions and audiences.

By taking a strategic approach from the outset, we push tangible commercial results by utilising the right channels of communication to deploy our creative concepts.

Informed by strategy

Our creative campaigns are informed by a deep understanding of your brand’s strategy.

The framework and objectives this provides acts as the foundations for the campaigns narrative and initial concept developments. Our in-house strategy team uses this framework to analyse and measure the creative output as the project progresses.

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Finding the right direction

Creative and Art Direction is sown through the entire production process, ensuring that the best ideas are able to surface without creative compromise.

Through this approach, married with the guidance of experienced copywriters, Keeping accesses the strength of impact that both messaging and visuals can bring to a campaign.

Realising its potential

When the campaign is ready for the real world, Keeping can work closely with you to activate it across the right channels and monitor its success by dynamically capturing, analysing and tweaking creative to achieve maximum impact.