Establishing a persona

Developing an understanding of your brand’s target personas enables you to tailor your campaigns, messages and creative to truly resonate with your audience.


Understanding the persona

In order to successfully target your audience as a whole, or target segments, you should gain a full understanding of them through in-depth research.

This level of understanding will enable you to adapt your message to cater for how ready they are to engage with your brand.


What does it look like?

A persona describes the gender, age, employment status, and life state of your target audience. When creating this picture, we map out a “day in the life” of a typical member of your audience to establish how your product fits into their journey.

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A tool for reference

All good creative should marry up against success criteria that is laid out at the beginning of any project. The understanding of your customers’ persona will form as a significant reference when asking whether each project meets your customers desires.


Interested in persona development?

We love getting involved in conversations as early as possible to see your project take shape. If you’re thinking about engaging a studio for an upcoming project, or simply want to understand more about how we go about our work, let’s have a conversation.


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