In Particular


In Particular, everything is not the size you’re used to, and robins jump out of bushes to help with any questions you may have.

Just outside the town of Particular, where duck heads are stabbed into the side of swans, you’ll find yourself on Convenient Walk, with traffic cones in the river to guide your way to the land of Precisely.

When you’re in the land of Precisely, ‘a while’ is not an accepted approximation of time. Only precise things are allowed in Precisely.

Robotic dogs and chocolate cats are the only available pets, and rumours of The Moment are heard over in Jokes Corner, where swans’ laughs can be heard over the distant hum of biplanes and chattering of sails.

Apparently, everything happens in The Moment — a place that everyone hopes to get to one day.

However, many people find that the ducks and swans practising synchronised swimming and handstands in the water are a cause for distraction as you begin to leave the land of Precisely.

Something that the very few who reach The Moment tend to find is the mind’s tendency to begin living in the past; something that those who strive to reach The Moment would never begin to imagine.