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Freelance Web Developers


As a studio with a digital history, we have a great understanding of how to deliver digital projects.

We know what is and isn’t possible, and appreciate the logic behind the developments that we continue to undergo with our clients on a regular basis.

Rooted in our beginnings, website design and development is a service which we have extensive experience of delivering internally before the decision was taken to begin outsourcing this skill set to offer greater access to talent and allow us to specialise in our key area of focus – design.

Skills & requirements

Whilst you may specialise in some areas over others (such as front or back end development), it would be great to know you have some level of experience in the below:

  • WordPress Development experience, including Plugins and Themes
  • Knowledge of other PHP based Content Management Systems (such as Magento)
  • Custom Stand-alone Functionality Development experience
  • Experience of implementing Security and Data Protection
  • In-depth experience of core application logic, databases, data and application integration and API implementation

When designing and developing a website, we create our artwork on the bootstrap grid and work within the limitations that we understand to exist when it comes to realising our designs.

We usually use WordPress as our CMS of choice.

We do not use off the shelf themes, and will not base our designs on third party work. All of our designs are custom developed into a theme, and limited use of plugins to achieve sophisticated functionality is understood.

If you are a front-end Developer, backend developer or full stack – let’s have a coffee.